Cook- Full Time


The Cook I is responsible for the preparation of entrees and other hot food items to include, but not limited to, meats, vegetables, soups, sauces, etc. Responsible for the sanitary handling and preparation of food, using standardized recipes and meeting daily meal schedules, serving required portions, utilizing leftovers, and caring for and cleaning equipment used.


1. Works with supervision to create meals and desserts utilizing supplies available.

2. Prepares all soups, stocks, and sauces; boils, braises, and roasts items as per standardized recipes.

3. Prepares and serves all sautéed, fried, grilled, steamed, and baked items as per standardized recipes.

4. Serves on food service line; responsible for cooking food to order, monitoring temperature of food items going onto food line, replacing food items on food line as it becomes low.

5. Plans food production to coordinate with meal serving hours, so that excellence, quality, temperature, and appearance of food are preserved.

6. Determines amount and type of food and supplies required for daily menus and makes sure that supplies are obtained from store room in adequate time for meal production.

7. Checks time and date on all left-over food items and uses them in an economic manner.

8. Observes all company rules and policies.

9. Inspects equipment and kitchen area to eliminate liability dangers.

10. Functions in a competent, timely, and effective manner that ensures maximum productivity and a high level of customer satisfaction.

11. Applies Hearthstone teachings and philosophy to all aspects of the position.

12. Practices and exhibits Edgewood’s Standards of Performance and Values at all times.


1. Maintains work station in a safe and sanitary condition.

2. Maintains acceptable standards of personal hygiene and complies with department dress code.

3. Works in Health Center kitchen(s) as assigned, serving therapeutic diet meals to residents living in the Health Care Center.

4. Reports to Dietary Manager & Assistant Dietary Manager while working in the Health Center kitchen(s).

5. Able to work in both the Main Kitchen and/or the Bistro.

6. Attends in service training and education sessions as assigned.

7. Abides by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) at all times.

8. Performs specific work duties and responsibilities as assigned by Assistant Culinary Services Director and Culinary Services Director.

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