Resident Service Nurse- Part Time


The Resident Service Nurse assists the Resident Service Director and Resident Service Care Manager to ensure that quality care is provided according to Edgewood standards. The Resident Service Nurse assists the Resident Service management in a manner that supports and enhances a safe and enriching environment to meet the psychosocial, physical, and emotional needs of residents.


1. Assists with follow up on emergency visits, ill residents and residents newly back to their apartment after a rehab or acute hospital stay.

2. Assists with follow through of documentation to ensure timeliness and accuracy of care plan and medication reminder compliance for Quality Assurance programs.

3. Assists with supervision of medication reminders, reviews documentation of medication reminders, and assists with ensuring medication compliance.

4. Assists with ongoing assessments of residents’ needs to promote independence.

5. Promotes and follows the philosophy of resident centered care.

6. Maintains complete resident confidentiality and complies with HIPAA regulations.

7. Applies Hearthstone teachings and philosophy to all aspects of the position.

8. Practices and exhibits Edgewood’s Standards of Performance and Values at all times.


1. Assists in maintaining a safe environment for staff and residents.

2. Makes written/oral recommendations and comments to the Resident Services Director regarding operations at Edgewood to enhance the quality of care provided.

3. Helps to ensure the self-respect, personal dignity, and physical safety of each resident.

4. Provides education and support as needed to residents and families. Periodically meets with family members to give an update on resident’s progress.

5. Serves as a resource person for new residents.

6. Works effectively as part of a team and maintains as even temperament when faced with day-to-day stressors.

7. Follows all safety, security, and infection control policies and procedures.

8. Presents in a positive manner and develops teamwork practicing the policies and procedures of the organization.

9. Continually strengthens departmental relationships with other organizational departments.

10. Provides compassionate, quality care, individualized services, and anticipates Edgewood’s customers unexpressed needs.

11. During emergencies or natural disasters, may be required to report for duty as assigned for the duration of the disaster.

12. Attends all in-service training and education sessions as assigned.

13. Abides by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) at all times.

14. Performs other work duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Resident Services Director.

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