Great Video Series – Lost Worlds of South America

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Saturday, Nov 11, 2017, 4:00 pm

Edgewood Auditorium
575 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA,

Lecture 7 – Mummies, Shamans, and Severed Heads

In this lecture, we examine the extraordinary mummies of the Paracas culture in Peru. These mummies were found in 1924 by Julio Tello, and the hundreds of textiles and artifacts with which they were interred give us valuable insight into the Paracas culture. The Paracas people lived in simple pit houses but produced sophisticated textiles portraying the Fanged Deity of the Chavin culture. They also portray headhunting, still in practice in the Amazon today, as well as fascinating images of spiritual transformation. The elongated heads of many of these mummies have given rise to myths about alien ancestry, but science has shown that these deformations were the result of skull manipulation during infancy.

Lecture 8 – The Nazca Lines and Underground Channels

In this lecture, we turn to the Nazca culture, renowned for the famous geoglyphs carved into the high plains. But the Nazca are notable for much more than the geoglyphs: They were master farmers; produced beautiful polychrome pottery and impressive textiles; and appear to have practiced the skull deformation, headhunting, and Fanged Deity worship of the Paracas culture before them. The geoglyphs, however, are what has captured the imagination of people today, mainly because of the mystery surrounding them. Though theories about alien involvement persist, archaeology has shown that these lines were made relatively recently (400-650 A.D.), that they could easily be made by using basic land surveying, and that they most likely served a religious purpose.


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