Great Video Series – My Favorite Universe

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Saturday, Jan 27, 2018, 4:00 pm

Edgewood Auditorium
575 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA

Lecture 7 – Onward to the Edge

In this lecture, we take a break from the death and destruction of asteroids and the end of the universe to wonder at the enormity of the cosmos and question our place in it. Since the 1960s, people have been inspired and uplifted by images brought back from space. These same images have deepened our conception of the universe, bringing us to the realization that Earth is just one world among world’s unnumbered. This lecture takes us to the limit of our vision and asks what questions remain once we reach those limits.

Lecture 8 – In Defense of the Big Bang

This lecture is presented in defense of the Big Bang Theory, which is often misunderstood and, sometimes, even discounted. Throughout time, people have asked questions about the origins of the universe and, for most of the time, the answers to those questions were provided by mythology. The 20th century was the first period in history in which we were able to use the methods and tools of science to answer our questions. We now know without doubt how the universe began, how it evolved and how it will end.


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