Great Video Series – My Favorite Universe

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Saturday, Jan 6, 2018, 4:00 pm

Edgewood Auditorium
575 Osgood Street
North Andover, MA

Lecture 1 – On Being Round

Let us begin by describing the property of “roundness”. What forces tend to shape objects into roundness, and why is a sphere the most efficient shape that objects can take? From our discussion of spheres in nature on Earth, we move to spheres in the cosmos. Some planets are perfect spheres, but others are not, which in itself tell us something about their environments. As you will see, our description of roundness will take us across the cosmos.

Lecture 2 – On Being Rarefied

In this lecture, we look at rarefied phenomenon in the cosmos. In astrophysics, we use the term rarefied to mean “low density.” We sometimes hear that a magician pulled a rabbit out of “thin air,” but how thin is air, and are other components of the universe even thinner, or more rarefied, than air? This lecture examines those questions.


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