Services and assistance for caregivers

Man staying in nursing homeWhen assisting a parent or family member becomes overwhelming or starts to feel unmanageable, Edgewood Care Management is here to help — whether you live at Edgewood or in the neighboring area.

Edgewood Care Management extends the same quality, caring culture and proven success that has made Edgewood a leader in LifeCare, Independent Living and healthcare support services. We’re here to provide the services that can make the caregiving experience more manageable:

  • Scheduling medical appointments, tests, or follow-up care
  • Escorting clients to medical appointments
  • Communicating with your healthcare team and family members
  • Pre- and post-surgery follow up
  • Evaluation and monitoring of acute or chronic medical conditions
  • Coordinating end-of-life care
  • Providing community resources for health care or other support
  • Assessing in-home environmental safety for physical or mental impairment
  • Recommending healthcare and behavioral health experts for medical assessments

Edgewood Care Management is affordable. Rates are competitive but currently are not covered by private insurance or Medicare. Contact Edgewood at 978-725-3300 to learn more about rates and services.