Registered Nurse- Full Time

The position will work 7a-3p.


The Staff Nurse is responsible for the accurate and timely administration of medications, treatments, documentation, and emergency calls on a specified shift.

1. Administers medications in accordance with physicians’ orders and the care plan and maintains
inventory drugs and patient prescription drugs.

2. Administers treatments including, but not limited to: dressings, catheterization, suctioning, oxygen,
intravenous fluids, isolation techniques, physical and emotional caring techniques, etc.

3. Participates as needed in providing direct care for residents in accordance with facility standards and
pertinent regulations.

4. Responsible for proper and immediate response to the emergency call system in independent living
apartments, cottages and common areas.

5. Assesses the health and mental status of residents during medical administration and reports timely
and accurately any changes in condition to the resident and allowed parties.

6. Responsible for the timely documentation of nursing care, administration of medications, incident
reports, physician orders, and all other aspects of care in accordance with facility and regulatory

7. Assists in maintaining a safe and cohesive environment for staff and residents and reports concerns.

8. Maintains complete resident confidentiality and complies with HIPAA regulations.

9. Follows all regulations per the Department of Public Health and CMS.

10. Applies Hearthstone teachings and philosophy to all aspects of the position.

11. Practices and exhibits Edgewood’s Mission, Standards of Performance and Values at all times.

12. Cross trains in all healthcare departments (Resident Services & Woodlands Inn) & assists as needed and as departmental schedule allows.

1. Assists in admission and discharge procedures.

2. Maintains the self-respect, personal dignity, and physical safety of each resident.

3. Assures continuity of services and care.

4. Encourages restorative care in order to obtain maximum resident independence.

5. Attends in-service training and education sessions as assigned.

6. Will assume a charge position as needed and assigned.

7. Abides by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) at all times.

8. Performs specific work duties and responsibilities as assigned by Director of Nursing and/or Charge Nurse.

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