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Discover and expand your zest for life.

Life at Edgewood gives you the freedom and security to live the way you choose. Our one-of-a-kind senior living community in North Andover, Massachusetts is filled with friendly, interesting people from many backgrounds who are fully engaged in life and actively pursuing their own interests while also sharing and learning from each other.

This is a community where you’ll have opportunities to learn and grow. To explore new interests or dive deeper into lifelong pursuits. To make new friends and build a support network. Volunteer, mentor, give back, and maybe even discover a whole new zest for life.

“I like that it’s up to me to choose what I want to do and what I enjoy. I can try something new and, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to do it again. I can try something else. There are lots of choices, but no pressure.”

Lyndia L., resident

Discover The

Edgewood Difference

The Edgewood Difference shines through in every aspect of life here. Watch and listen as residents talk with Marlene Rotering, Edgewood president and CEO, about what makes Edgewood such an exceptional community.
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Simplify and amplify your life.

Discover a whole new way of living that makes every day easier and a lot more fun. Enjoy thoughtful services that give you more time for what you love; delectable dining options; social, educational, and recreational opportunities; and so much more.

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Strengthen mind, body, and spirit.

Life at Edgewood makes it easy to pursue wellness in all its forms. You’ll find opportunities to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit through individual pursuits as well as group classes. Plus, you’ll find plenty of friends to share your interests.

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Indulge your palate.

Dining at Edgewood uses the freshest locally sourced ingredients to take your palate around the world. Our executive chef and talented culinary team create menus that offer both comforting favorites and seasonal delights that appeal to all your senses.
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Fall in love with every season.

Edgewood’s picturesque campus adjoining conservation land and scenic Lake Cochichewick is a four-season paradise. You’ll find recreational opportunities around every corner and down every trail so you can walk, bike, paddle, or play every day.


Have a voice in your community.

Edgewood has a rich culture of resident involvement and residents are encouraged to actively participate on committees that provide suggestions for improving and maintaining our community.

The Residents’ Association formed a Residents’ Council which meets monthly. The purpose of both groups is to represent residents and their interests to the Edgewood management team and board of trustees to continue making Edgewood an exceptional place to live. In addition, three Edgewood residents are voting members of the board of trustees.

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Resident Stories

Meet the neighbors.

In our Resident Stories, Edgewood residents share their experiences of living in our community. From expectations and acclimating to community life to getting involved and making new friends, get an insider’s perspective on what it’s really like to be part of this vibrant, inclusive community. You may even “meet” a future neighbor.

Explore our campus.

Use this interactive map to explore Edgewood’s campus. Click around to get the lay of the land including cottage neighborhoods, the Clubhouse, apartments, healthcare services, and even our walking and hiking trails.
Zoom or drag to view the entire map.

Kayak Rack and Launch

Joyce’s Trail

The Woodlands Inn

Half Mile Hill Trail

North Andover Trail System

The Meadows Health Center

Conservation Land

Bee Hives

Resident Gardens

Charlotte Osgood Village Cottages

The Rokous Center

Caroline Stevens Village Cottages

Samuel Rogers Village Cottages

The Colonel John Osgood House



Parking Garage

Lake Cochichewick

Historic Horse Barn

Building 5000

Building 6000

Building 7000 - Patio or Balcony

Building 3000

Building 2000

Building 1000 - Patio or Balcony

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Plan Community or Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

A Life Plan Community — also known as a continuing care retirement community or CCRC — is a senior living community in which adults age 62+ can enjoy independent living in a private, maintenance-free residence on a campus that includes services and amenities as well as a continuum of healthcare services. With one move, you can secure an exceptional lifestyle, financial predictability, and peace of mind.

Is Edgewood a not-for-profit community?

Yes, Edgewood Retirement Community is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) community. For more than 25 years, Edgewood has maintained a sterling reputation for sound management, the highest quality health care and staff training, and a culture that is member driven. As a not-for-profit organization, our first concern and top priority will always be doing what’s right for the people who live here.

Is Edgewood a non-smoking campus?

Yes, Edgewood Retirement Community is a smoke-free campus, including all buildings and grounds. This policy includes not only cigarettes and cigars but also e-cigarettes, e-cigars, and anything that can be smoked. Residents, staff, guests, vendors, contractors, and all visitors must adhere to the Edgewood no-smoking policy.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! Research has clearly demonstrated the health benefits of having a pet, and Edgewood welcomes your well-behaved furry, feathered, or finned friends to join you.

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