Edgewood is a LifeCare Community offering independent living, healthcare, and support services which empower members to be architects of their own well-being.

Experience Life On the Edge

Life at Edgewood gives you the freedom and security to live the way you choose. Our one-of-a-kind LifeCare senior living community in North Andover, MA, is made up of people from many backgrounds who are fully engaged in life and actively pursuing their own interests while also learning from each other

Edgewood’s picturesque campus — located on more than 100 acres adjoining conservation land and scenic Lake Cochichewick — features walking trails and abundant amenities for the active, maintenance-free retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Our top priority is you and your well-being.

As the Merrimack Valley’s only LifeCare Community, Edgewood offers a full continuum of retirement living options for older adults, including

We’re an active and unique community designed to empower members to be the architects of their own well-being. The Woodlands Inn adds warm and inviting Assisted Living and Memory Support households to the Edgewood campus where each resident member is encouraged to live a healthy, purposeful life maintaining their highest level of independence and autonomy.

From the Heart…

Notes from resident members and their families

“After getting through this Covid-19 virus, I reflect on how thankful I am to be a resident of Edgewood Retirement Community. As a team, ALL departments at Edgewood went above and beyond to keep us safe and well taken care of. At the same time, we were always well-informed. It was obvious that the number-one goal was to keep the residents safe — doing whatever it takes. It took hard work and dedication from all of the staff. They all did an amazing job. It was a great feeling for my family to know that I was in good hands during this time. Thank you to all the staff of Edgewood for a job well done!” — Leonie R.

“I want to congratulate the Edgewood team for all of the measures taken to protect our health in the midst of uncertainty. You acted swiftly and effectively, and you have buoyed up our confidence and trust remarkably.” — John T. Truman, MD, MPH

“I have thought so many times over the last weeks of how much better off I am living at Edgewood than if I were on my own during these trying times. Our entire community and staff have come together to ensure our safety and wellbeing. All of the employees have done a tremendous job of assisting and taking care of us. The sacrifices that the employees of Edgewood have made on our behalf are so, so appreciated. … Many, many thanks.” — H. Hart

“I am so thankful for the Edgewood staff and their commitment to keeping us all safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. I am especially thankful for the staff at The Meadows who have taken great care of my wife. During this crisis I have not been able to spend time with her, but I am comforted by the fact that her safety and wellbeing are in the hands of people who truly care for her and give her the attention she needs. Thank you for your compassion and unwavering dedication!”

“Thank you, Edgewood heroes! You are all warriors and we are most appreciative of your dedicated service and commitment during this pandemic. My family and I know you are making sacrifices during this crisis and we’re so very grateful that you’re keeping our residents safe and healthy.” — R. Primes

“As a physician and surgeon [involved with treating and consulting on Covid-19 cases], I think that I have a very good perspective of the reality of the situation. When I Zoom with my old friends who live all over the country, they always ask about Mom and are very concerned …. I reassure them, praising all the steps that The Meadows staff has taken in a pro-active way and ahead of the powers that be. I tell them that she is in the safest place she can be — certainly safer than if living with me. When this crisis is nearing its end, I feel that the entire Meadows staff can hold their heads high in what they have accomplished.” —R. Altman, MD

“I would just like to thank everyone at The Meadows again for five weeks of wonderful care for my Mom. I don’t know what I would have done without everyone’s support! The staff is so caring, and I never felt like I was wasting their time whenever I called, day or night! [I’m] so pleased I made the decision to keep my mom at The Meadows for treatment. With all the medical care and a lot of love she has come through! We are so lucky!” — J. Fraiser

“The management at Edgewood works in partnership with residents to make this our HOME.” — Dottie and Bill Schirmer

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our amazing staff. You have been super great. We appreciate all you have done for us.” — Priscilla and Dick Bartle

“Security, friends, activities, wonderful food and worry-free living all rolled in together brings joy to being a resident at Edgewood.” — Dottie and Bill Schirmer

“To all of the staff at Edgewood — You are the most extraordinary people, and we residents are fortunate to have you here. Every single one of you with whom we have had interactions has been pleasant, patient, and a good sport doing jobs you never dreamed of doing, such as mail delivery, grocery orders, catering delivery, doorman, and many other jobs we do not see. You have displayed flexibility, maturity, and best of all, a sense of humor — and all of this is greatly appreciated. We really have all been in this together, and we made it in large part because of you. Many, many thanks.” — Jane and John S.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you … and thank you! Your continuous smiling help and thoughtfulness have been and are amazing! Thanks so much for being here for us.” — Susan and Doran D. 

“The Edgewood Staff is a remarkable group of wonderful individuals. During these very strange and difficult times they have joined together to care for we residents remarkably well. No need nor wish has been overlooked!  Loving concern has been all around us. Sincere thanks and love to everyone.” — Maudy B.

“We are so happy that we decided to come to Edgewood. No matter what, the staff is there to keep us safe and secure, always with a smile and a ‘You’re Welcome!’” — Serena and Charlie

“I didn’t bother looking at any other communities, because I knew Edgewood’s reputation has always been and continues to be exceptional.”  Jorge D.

“Through the wide range of activities and new opportunities offered here at Edgewood, you may discover new talents that open up a whole new chapter in your life!” Dottie and Bill Schirmer

“I have lived at Edgewood for almost ten years and have always felt that at each stage of my life Edgewood has been and is the best of all possible worlds for me.” — Roberta W.

“Edgewood has exceeded my expectations in every way. When I moved into Edgewood, all of the residents told me, “You are going to love it here” — and I do!” — Heather H.

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