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Get back to being you — only better.

When an illness, injury, or surgery has set you back, the personalized senior rehabilitation services at Edgewood in North Andover, Massachusetts, can help you return to living the life you love. Our state-of-the-art therapeutic facilities located in The Meadows Health Center on our campus offer both inpatient and outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapies designed to help you return home with regained strength, function, mobility, and self-care skills. Our highly trained team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists have one goal: to help you reclaim your optimum level of health and return to doing the things you enjoy.

“I came to The Meadows at Edgewood for rehabilitation after my hip replacement surgery. I had experienced a lot of other care facilities during my wife’s illness, but The Meadows surpassed them all. My therapy was particularly impressive. When I returned home after 11 short days, I felt in complete control. Everyone at Edgewood was so helpful and friendly, and the food was quite good. In fact, I was a little disappointed when it came time to go home.”

Ted N., former patient

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Advantages of inpatient rehabilitation

After a surgery, injury, or illness, rehabilitation can play an important role in your recovery. And beginning as early as possible will help you get off to the best start. While you may be tempted to think recovering at home is your best option, inpatient rehab at The Meadows Health Center at Edgewood offers several distinct advantages you should consider:

  • A personalized plan of care. The Meadows’ interdisciplinary team will work with you and your doctor to develop a personalized plan of care and an effective therapy regimen designed around your unique needs and goals.
  • On-site physical, occupational and speech therapists. With The Meadow’s state-of-the art therapy facilities on site, you won’t have to worry about getting in a car to go to a therapy session or arrange for someone to stay at home with you.
  • Experienced staff and medical personnel available 24/7. Our caring team is here to answer questions, address concerns, and assist as you begin to move around, helping to reduce the chance of falling or injuring yourself.
  • Around-the-clock pain management. Keeping pain in check is an important part of your recovery. Our team is expert in using a variety of methods to help manage any pain you may experience.
  • Peace of mind. Both you and your family members can rest easy, knowing you’re being cared for by experienced professionals who know just what to do to maximize your recovery.
  • A safe environment. You’ll stay in a room that’s been specifically designed to make moving around safer and easier, including a private bathroom with a walk-in shower. Plus, you won’t have to worry about household chores that could cause you to overexert yourself.
  • Delicious, chef-prepared meals. You’ll enjoy Edgewood’s famous culinary services and farm-to-table cuisine served in an elegant, restaurant-style dining room with an inviting fireplace and relaxing lounge areas.
  • Coordinated discharge plan. The Meadows’ interdisciplinary team will work with you to develop a plan that can help ensure your progress once you return home.

To learn more about planning for recovery with short-term rehab at The Meadows Health Center at Edgewood, download our brochure, “Short-Term Rehabilitation for Your Long-Term Lifestyle.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physical therapy?

For people experiencing a chronic condition or recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, physical therapy (PT) can be an important component of prevention, rehabilitation, or treatment. The physical therapists at Edgewood work with your doctor to develop an individualized treatment plan to help restore function. The plan may include:

  • Exercise programs to increase muscle function, coordination, and endurance
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilization to increase range of motion
  • Training in mobility, gait stability, posture, and positioning
  • Wound care
  • Pain management

How does occupational therapy differ from physical therapy?

While physical therapy is mainly focused on improving an individual’s ability to move the body correctly and without pain, occupational therapy helps individuals adapt to their environment and perform activities of daily living. Occupational therapy may include:

  • Education and training in areas such as dressing, bathing, eating, and grooming
  • Use of adaptive techniques or equipment to overcome physical disabilities
  • Strengthening and coordination exercises
  • Exercises to maintain normal joint movement to reduce the effects of arthritis or other conditions
  • Activities for memory, orientation, and cognitive integration

When is speech therapy needed?

Speech therapy provides treatment and support for individuals having difficulty with communication or with eating, drinking, or swallowing. Edgewood’s speech and language pathologist will work with your doctor to develop a treatment plan based on your individual needs such as:

  • Recovery of speech, language, and memory skills
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication, including programs for the hearing-impaired
  • Oral muscle strength and functioning required for speaking and swallowing
  • Appropriate diet recommendations

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