“I have lived at Edgewood for almost 10 years, and across that span of time I have always felt that at each stage of my life Edgewood has been and is the best of all possible worlds for me.”
Roberta W.


Edgewood is the Merrimack Valley’s only LifeCare Community, offering a variety of Independent Living and healthcare options to meet members’ changing needs — along with the assurance that members will have unlimited, priority access to on-site healthcare services at The Meadows, our award-winning, on-site health center. LifeCare provides an enriched quality of life, financial value and stability, and peace of mind for members and their families — benefits you can’t put a price on.

  • Move once and never worry about relocating again. All the care you need is right here.
  • Financial stability. Monthly rates for service remain stable, regardless of the level of care you require.
  • Peace of mind for you and your family. No surprise expenses and no need to search for health care in a crisis situation.
  • Our Return-of-Capital Plan returns 90% of your entrance fee.

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