Edgewood is pleased to welcome Kathleen D’Amico as our Director of Marketing.


Kathleen started her marketing career in the high tech industry back when it was new, exciting and a flourishing industry. It was a fantastic experience with many opportunities. However, Kathleen wanted more out of her career and realized what she really wanted was to feel like she was ‘making a difference.’ In 2004, Kathleen came upon Edgewood and was quite impressed with the LifeCare concept and the fact that Edgewood is a nonprofit organization.

It didn’t take Kathleen very long to realize Edgewood was a perfect fit. “I could utilize my sales and marketing skills while working with seniors. Volunteering with seniors when I was younger left a lasting impression on me and I very much enjoyed my time spent with them” said Kathleen.

Kathleen’s first role at Edgewood was a Marketing Assistant position, and then she became a Move-in Coordinator, and was later promoted to Sales Counselor. After six years, she was promoted again to the Admissions Director for the Meadows Health Center at Edgewood. Kathleen gained a wealth of knowledge as the Admissions Director and she acquired a renewed respect for nurses and nurse aides and all they do.

With a well-rounded knowledge of all areas of the community, Kathleen was ready for her next challenge. As Kathleen was reaching her ten year anniversary at Edgewood, she was promoted to the position of Marketing Director. “Kathleen has a great way of connecting with people, and she is a wonderful resource to seniors and their families as they are making life decisions. She also emulates the Edgewood culture and truly cares for every client she serves. I couldn’t be more proud or pleased to have her leadership carry us forward” said Marlene Rotering, President and CEO.

Most recently Kathleen led the effort to create a new digital identity for Edgewood; our current website! She had the vision to capture the culture of Edgewood and convey this through our website and social media. In Kathleen’s own words, “The culture at Edgewood is like no other community and it can be felt the minute you walk through the door. It’s friendly. It’s comfortable. It’s home. This is one of many reasons I have enjoyed working at Edgewood, and I am looking forward to serving our seniors for many years to come.”

When Kathleen is not at Edgewood, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. You can find her cooking and entertaining at home, sharing a dinner with girlfriends, or zooming down a water slide with her husband and two children.