Edgewood LifeCare Community Holds Appreciation Breakfast for North Andover Firefighters & Paramedics


2015_firedept_breakfast_edited-ea72bbecIn the spirit of International Firefighters Day, and in appreciation of all that the North Andover Fire Department does for their community’s residents, the award-winning, non-profit Edgewood LifeCare Community in North Andover held a special Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, May 8, 2015 at the Edgewood Clubhouse.

International Firefighters Day is May 4th and the staff of Edgewood LifeCare Community honored the firefighters and paramedics of the North Andover Fire Department with a Certificate of Appreciation along with “a sweet thank you” gift of Edgewood’s Private Reserve Maple Syrup (made on the premises) for the firehouse.

Chief Andrew Melnikas along with firefighters and paramedics were in attendance. na_fire_dept

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to honor the men and women who keep our residents safe every day and thank them for all that they do. It is a pleasure to meet each of them and serve them for a change!” said Marlene Rotering, President and Chief Executive Officer.