Edgewood’s focus on whole-person wellness is a priceless benefit to residents during the pandemic

Community Life, Edgewood News


Edgewood’s goal has always been to empower residents to be the architects of their own well-being. That’s why we offer a wide variety of amenities that promote whole-person wellness. There’s the picturesque natural campus that encourages outdoor activities, and a well-equipped fitness center with an indoor pool and a variety of daily group exercise classes. You’ll also find resident-led groups and clubs of all types — including a perennial favorite: the robust, resident-led Edgewood Lifelong Learning program (ELL). 

So, what happens to all of this when a global pandemic turns life upside down? At Edgewood, a change in circumstances is just another opportunity to think creatively and find new ways to serve the people who live here. And that’s just what we’re doing. 

Edgewood’s Executive Director, Melissa Kampersal, notes that, while a pandemic heightens everyone’s awareness of infection control, it’s nothing new to Edgewood. “We’ve always had extremely high standards for infection control campus-wide,” she says. “Like all communities, we face the flu season every year. So, doing everything possible to limit the spread of germs is always top-of-mind. The pandemic raised the stakes, but our team is exceptionally dedicated, well-trained and more than up to the task.” 

“One of the things that’s really special about Edgewood,” she continues, “is that we’re equally committed to resident members’ well-being in every dimension of wellness. So, while cleanliness and ensuring everyone on our campus has the necessary PPE are obviously high priorities, our focus on whole-person wellness means that we’ve also been doing everything possible to support residents’ physical, intellectual, social and emotional health.” 

Among the first things we did was to begin meal delivery to all residents’ homes, ensuring they’d continue to enjoy the fresh, chef-prepared, farm-to-table meals they’re accustomed to — albeit farm-to-door-to-table. We also began offering grocery delivery service, mail delivery, and special deliveries such as violets for all residents — including the men — on Mother’s Day. 

Through Edgewood’s closed-circuit television station, residents have been able to watch the newly created “Edgeworld Nightly News,” a show that is part entertainment, part community news, and updates from Marlene Rotering, CEO and special guests. Daily fitness classes on the channel guide residents through exercises they can do in the comfort and safety of their homes. The popular Wednesday Evening Concert Series has brought performances from around the globe right into residents’ living rooms. And, in keeping with the spirit of always learning something new, Edgewood’s ELL programs have continued as live Zoom® events with lectures given by experts near and far. 

Edgewood’s resident members have also taken full advantage of the campus’ setting on more than 100 acres adjoining conservation land and scenic Lake Cochichewick. Taking walks, hiking Half-Mile Hill, working in their raised garden beds, and kayaking on the lake — all while maintaining appropriate physical distancing — have enabled residents to reap the benefits of fresh air and physical activity, as well as the opportunity to socialize and enjoy something that feels a little more “normal.” 

Ms. Kampersal adds, “Some of these changes in the way we function meant many employees had to go above and beyond their normal duties, learn new tasks, and work longer hours. But one thing I know about our team is that there’s nothing they won’t do for Edgewood’s residents. As far as we’re concerned, they’re family.” 

As resident Heather Hart said in a letter to Edgewood’s management team, “I have thought so many times over the last weeks of how much better off I am living at Edgewood than if I were on my own during these trying times. Our entire community and staff have come together to ensure our safety and well-being. The sacrifices are so, so appreciated.” 

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