Future generation of nurses finds Edgewood is a great place to learn and work

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Ensuring exceptional care for senior adults, both now and in the future, begins with training the professionals who will care for them. That’s why Edgewood takes an active part in guiding the next generation of nurses with our preceptorship program: an intensive, gratifying opportunity for senior-year nursing students.

(Pictured above, left to right: Julia Ritcey, Merrimack College; Grace DelRossi, Merrimack College; Danyelle Kavanagh, RN, BSN, Edgewood Director of Health Services; Kaylie Cloutier, Salem State University; Elizabeth Johansen, Salem State University)

Experiencing professional nursing first-hand

For the spring 2023 semester, Edgewood partnered with Merrimack College and Salem State University to host four senior students in their final semester of studying for their bachelor’s degrees in the science of nursing (BSN). By pairing them with Edgewood’s Director of Health Services Danyelle Kavanagh, RN, BSN and giving them the opportunity to shadow professionals in all three areas of living, our therapy team, and department directors, the students experienced the role of professional practicing nurses first-hand and learned exactly what goes into the exceptional level of care we provide at Edgewood. Students said they found the common denominator that flows through every department here is teamwork: “The staff here … all work so well together to achieve the same goal, which is providing the best care for residents,” says program participant Julia Ritcey. “I have never seen a place that promotes ability, independence, and wellness — as well as care and comfort — the way [The Meadows at] Edgewood does.”

Genuinely connect: The secret to success

The connection between Edgewood’s staff and residents is unmistakable, revealing a familial atmosphere that can only come from genuine respect and care. “Working in an environment like [The Meadows at] Edgewood shows that [nurses’] positivity and empathy are reflected in the patients and their well-being,” shared student Grace DelRossi. “It’s not only about medical knowledge, but also about peer support and compassion.”

Those impressions resonate throughout the community, creating the uniquely positive work experience that has led to Edgewood’s repeated certification as a Great Place to Work®. “I learned a lot at Edgewood, and I can tell how much the staff are appreciated,” said student nurse Elizabeth Johansen. “The residents … are some of the best I’ve worked with and all have wonderful personalities. I would certainly recommend Edgewood to my friends as a place to work.”

Elizabeth’s impression is echoed by her fellow participant, Kaylie Cloutier. “The staff at Edgewood was so welcoming and helpful and the residents were great to work with,” she said. “I am so glad I was able to complete my preceptorship at Edgewood.”

From students to nurses

The next step for these four promising nursing students is to finish their nursing education curriculum in May and receive their BSN, allowing them to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Upon passing this exam, they will officially be bachelor’s registered nurses. Edgewood is proud to play a part in shaping future generations of nurses like Grace, Julia, Kaylie and Elizabeth. We hope they’ll continue to exemplify the best in nursing and continue Edgewood’s tradition of compassion, care, and excellence.

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