Seniors Continue their Journey of Lifelong Learning with Merrimack College


At Edgewood senior living community in North Andover, just because residents are retired doesn’t mean their college days are behind them. Thanks to a distinctive schedule of presentations and performances, as well as the resident-driven Edgewood Lifelong Learning program, there’s rarely a day where Edgewood residents aren’t exploring art, music, history, film or the sciences.

In an effort to continue its commitment to lifelong learning, the community entered into a new partnership with nearby Merrimack College for a dynamic speaker series. Sponsored by the institution’s Office of the Provost, the series highlights Merrimack professors as they provide lectures to Edgewood residents on topics of their expertise.

Representatives from the college’s provost’s office regularly work with the community to determine topics of interest and the appropriate professors to lead them.

For Merrimack College, the partnership reinforces their commitment to civic engagement and establishing positive, meaningful connections in the greater community. For Edgewood residents, it provides another avenue of exploration, education and discovery.

Research has shown lifelong learning can have a number of health, social and even financial benefits, particularly as we age.

The first session of this new partnership will be on Friday, April 20, at 7:30 p.m. at Edgewood. Dr. Jonathan Lyon, vice provost and professor of biology, will discuss the history of the beaver and its impact on local ecosystems.

If you’re interested in attending, or would like to speak with representatives from Edgewood or the college about the mutual benefits of this partnership, please contact Ben Green at 913-754-2372 or