“The activities and new friends have made living at Edgewood more enjoyable than I ever imagined.”
Jerry Bischoff


Helping you remain active and healthy

Our goal at Edgewood is to help you sustain an active, healthy lifestyle that enables you to do all the things you love. And that includes offering senior wellness services, amenities, and activities that give you opportunities to grow and enhance life in all dimensions of wellness — from physical, intellectual, and emotional to social and spiritual. 

A sampling of what we offer includes:

  • Recreational programs, including outdoor walking groups, badminton, table tennis, bocce, snowshoeing and canoeing, kayaking, and fishing at Lake Cochichewick
  • A fully equipped fitness center plus personal training, group classes, yoga, strength training, and more
  • Exceptional farm-to-table dining options
  • Edgewood Lifelong Learning (ELL), a resident-driven educational program
  • Spiritual programs, including meditation, tai chi, and religious groups
  • Art classes and appreciation
  • Edgewood choral and theater groups
  • Trips to museums and cultural events
  • Bird-watching and outdoor gardening
  • Shopping trips
  • Volunteer and community service opportunities

To learn more about how we can make your life shine or schedule a personal tour, please fill out the request form.

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