Why Respite Care Is Important for Seniors and Their Caregivers


As a partner in caregiving for so many people in the Merrimack Valley, we enjoy getting to know the seniors we serve and their families. We take pride in being the ones families trust when they have questions about how best to meet their loved one’s needs. Lately, Respite Care services seem to be of particular interest to caregivers. In fact, some of our most frequent conversations with caregivers address the question of what is Respite Care and why is it needed?

Simply put, Respite Care provides short-term care for seniors during times when their primary caregiver — usually an adult child, another family member or spouse — is unable to tend to their needs. This could be for several reasons, but most commonly, the reason why people turn to Respite Care is to get a well-deserved break from their caregiving duties.

Caring for a parent or spouse in the same way they’ve cared for you can be rewarding. It can also be stressful. That’s why Respite Care is important. Respite Care services offer the opportunity for caregivers to relieve some of the stress they may be carrying for an extended period of time — be it a few days, a few weeks or longer. During this time, it’s not uncommon for caregivers to take a family vacation or spend some time focusing on enjoying some of the hobbies they’ve had to put to the side.

It’s a win-win for caregivers and their loved ones. Caregivers can take some time to rejuvenate and come back better prepared to provide care and support with renewed energy. For seniors, they can continue to receive the care and attention they deserve during their temporary stay, and possibly a greater level of socialization than they’re used to. Many Respite Care communities, including The Woodlands Inn at Edgewood, offer the following to short-term stay residents:

  • A comfortable, home-like setting and accommodations
  • Opportunities to engage in community life and access to amenities
  • Support with activities of daily living where it’s needed
  • Nutritious dining choices

Your loved one will be cared for as if they were family and you’ll have peace of mind knowing their needs are being met.

Respite care for caregivers is just as important as it is for seniors. If you’re overwhelmed with stress from caregiving or haven’t found an opportunity that will allow you to take a break while ensuring your loved one will be cared for, consider Respite Care at Edgewood.

Click here to learn more or complete a Respite Care request form and one of our team members will reach out and answer any questions you may have.